Hi all,

Well the site seems to be coming along nicely. It was taking me forever based on the fact I had to key in all the info by hand (just an F.Y.I. to MyEvent.....please add a gedcom file upload to make it a teeny weeny bit easier). 

Have fun looking around and please give me a head's up if I need to change anything.

Anyway, this week's updates include:
  • Registering the domain www.thelentinefamily.com
  • Adding a page for Emmanuel's Docs and the cesus records
  • Starting a memorial page for all his children, though I could only add obits, because I don not have any pictures of anyone yet (wink, wink)
  • Started a Facebook Group click here to join
  • Message boards are up and working, though it's required to register to use them, so please do
  • Added photos of James and Sandra Lentine
  • And finally, got the RSVP set up even though the event is yet to be determined. 
Enjoy your weekend and have fun!

September 10, 2018

Getting Started

Hi All,

As Rob and I sat down and bounced future ideas off of each other, a Lentine family reunion happened to pop up. I love listening to him reminise about the old days, probably because he gets so animated, passionate, and displays his great storytelling skills. There was deep nostalgia in his eyes as he told excerpts of his most memorable moments at the past family reunions.

Since we've been married for over fifteen years now, I can tell when he wants something. Rob longs for his family,...


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